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    1. However, carbon isotopic values of leaf wax n-alkanes increased by up to 5 in the mid- and late Holocene, corresponding to a palynologically documented decline in trees and an increase in herbs.
    2. Neonates with abrachia have dysplasia of the spinal cord segment corresponding to the leg defect.
    3. By Stone's Representation Theorem, the elements of a Boolean ring can be modeled as sets, with the additive operation corresponding to symmetric difference, and the multiplicative operation to set intersection.
    4. Put a check mark in the box corresponding to the correct answer.
    5. Put a checkmark in the box corresponding to the correct answer.
    6. The corresponding 1,3,4-thiadiazole 108 produces the thia-bridged hexacycle 109 on treatment with norbornadiene 1 either thermally or under high pressure.
    7. A particular ket, say , might be represented by a particular column vector. Its corresponding bra, , would then be represented by the row vector which is the transpose conjugate of that column vector.
    8. For any tangent pair of Ford circles corresponding to rational numbers r and s, the Ford circle tangent to both of them corresponds to the rational number which is the mediant of r and s.
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