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    1. Gasoline prices usually show a laggier response to crude-oil price reduction than to crude-oil price increases.
    2. a reduction in nonassault crimes
    3. an overgreat reduction
    4. The reduction takes the central bank back to where it was in December 2005, when it began raising its key rate despite objections from some political figures and many economists about choking the early stirrings of a recovery in growth.
    5. Reduction in metal-oxide thin films has been suggested as the key mechanism responsible for forming conductive nanofilaments within solid-state memory devices, enabling their resistive switching capacity.
    6. If a Type I- or Type II-derived LOOH encounters a ligated Fe2+ or Cu+ on a membrane, it invariably undergoes one-electron reduction to an oxyl radical (LO-) [ …]
    7. Indeed, the tight coupling of As(V) reduction/As(III) oxidation has been seen in periphyton samples and salt-saturated anoxic sediments from Searles Lake.
    8. A 5% reduction in robberies
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    1. “He has also argued that recommendations on reductions below the presurge force levels would be premature at this time, and that recommendations on such adjustments should wait until March 2008,” the officer added.
    2. Time-span and prolongational reductions depend on stability conditions.
    3. The construction of stationary axisymmetric multiwormhole solutions to gravitating field theories admitting toroidal reductions to three-dimensional gravitating sigma models is reviewed.
    4. Reductions in gray matter density or volume of the dACC have been found in patients with child abuse-related PTSD compared with nontraumatized controls [33 ] and in adults with adverse childhood experiences broadly defined [34 ].
    5. Previous studies have focused on reductions in mutant protein as a therapeutic approach, such as intrabodies and artificial polypeptides, which target the polyQ domain [24 ].
    6. If climate-change predictions that involve an increase of temperature together with reductions in precipitation are borne out, the result will be a severe reduction of suitable areas for mallines in NW Patagonia [11 ,12 ].
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